Most of the questions from quilters calling our shop are about our Layered Patchwork Technique. After teaching classes for years, it seemed the most frustrating part of quilting for most of my students was having blocks that weren't flat or the correct size for the project. Every time you sew a seam and/or press, you've created an opportunity to make a mistake. Our layered patchwork technique simplifies traditional quilt blocks by eliminating seams and pressing for fewer chances at cutting off points or mismatching seams.  It doesn't seem that it could be as simple as it is in the instructions! Our technique layers triangles or squares, right sides up, over a background square, matching the 90 degree corners - B over A. The layered piece - B triangle - is top stitched about 1/8" from the cut raw edges with coordinating cotton thread. We do not continue stitching around the outer edges of the block since those will be enclosed in the seam allowances. When piecing the star block with standard 1/4" seams, you're really just sewing a 9-patch together that has triangles sewn on top of the rectangle units. The result is perfect points for stars that will gently fray and curl when washed for a dimensional, primitive look. By simply layering and stitching, we have eliminated bulky seams and kept our background exactly the same as it was cut for a more perfectly flat and square quilt top.

I hope you try our layered patchwork technique in one of your next projects.
Lynne, Robert & Jamie
KT Bernina Quilt Shop & Emporium
Kansas Troubles Quilters