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Seeds of Time


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Seeds Of Time
- a quilters journal #5

Seeds of Time - a quilter's journal #5 is the continuing story of life on the Kansas prairie in the mid-1800's as seen through the eyes of a quilter, Lily Marie Hutchins. The year is 1876 - our country's centennial - and Lily is again writing in her journal & making quilts. Lily wrote in her journal about the hardships & joys of beginning a new life in the wild west as she created quilt blocks to commemorate special events in history. Come share her joy & melancholy as she unfolds her quilts & deepest thoughts through her stitches & stories.

This quilting book is divided into three parts: Part 1 includes instructions for the Seeds of Time quilt, Part 2 includes Lily's Journal & Part 3 includes a dozen other quilt projects, such as those shown below.